Wednesday, 27 March 2013

One More Hanging Day To Go and I've Sold a Painting!

History Painting, dominating the space during the hanging selection process

Many, many thanks to Andy Dalton for his help and encouragement today, not forgetting the jokes and fun!

We spent all morning stretching History Painting onto the beautifully crafted stretcher I purchased from Bird and Davis's Artmanufactury.  It went together quite easily with two of us to do it and, despite its really large dimensions, we stretched the painting quite well.

The original idea was to place it on the end wall but it dominated the space far too much, so we changed it and it is now hanging on the long wall on the left side of the space.  We managed to get it up without too much of a hassle.  I am so pleased with the way it looks and very, very glad that I resisted working on it further; I like the rawness of it.

New positions, wrapping still in place on the 2 other large canvases

We placed the newest painting on the end wall and its companion on the right side wall, further down with all the other works placed and spaced well.  I did manage to make the gallery space look very small and I had about 3 times more work than there is space for.  I am sure we have made the right selection and less is more; it is going to look very good, if I say so myself!

I am so pleased with the way this is shaping up

Highlights of the day:

  • Seeing how good the work looks on the walls.
  • Working with Andrew Dalton again
  • Selling a painting before it is even up on the wall to a lovely and interested couple who came to see the work early because they go home to Sheffield before the show opens on 29th March.  

History Painting stretched up at last and looking good!  The lighting will be sorted out tomorrow.


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  1. How exciting it all is - and looks brilliant. Congratulations too on your sale - what a day!

  2. Thanks Jennifer, it was a great day!

  3. They look great and congrats on the sale!