Sunday, 24 March 2013

Preparing for the Show!

History Painting, removed from the wall, waiting to be rolled up ready for transporting to the gallery at Hutton le Hole.

It's my birthday today!  Because I realised that I needed to be in the studio for a few hours today, we had a lovely meal at our local last night.  I have had some fab presents, the best of which is the canvas pliers I have already used, bought by all my family, as they were very expensive.

Today's chores:

  • Take History Painting off the wall and roll it onto the cardboard tube ready for transporting to the gallery tomorrow at the end of the day.
  • Wrap completed large canvas.  For both these tasks I had Pete's help, for which I am very, very grateful.
  • Finish the other large canvas, about which I have been trying not to panic, especially when it went through a very pink phase.
  • Make a list of everything else I need to remember to do.

Completed large canvas wrapped ready for collection on Tuesday with unfinished one in forground.

Finished canvas, not a good photo as the paint is still wet and there is some flare.

The theme of the newly finished painting is new beginnings/Spring.  It is as yet untitled.  I think the softness of the colour scheme fits the theme well and I think the two large canvases will work well against the more rough and raw quality of History Painting, but we shall see when they go up onto the walls of the gallery on Tuesday!

I am glad that I managed to resolve it quite quickly today because the gas bottle of the calor gas stove chose today to run out and by the time I had finished, my fingers had gone numb.  I am still fervently wishing and hoping that the weather stays clear of snow until I get all the work over to the gallery.

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