Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Keep Calm. . .

It is snowing hard AGAIN!  

My studio is at the bottom of a very steep farm track and I know I won't make it back up, even if I get down it in one piece.  If I do go out today, IF the snow eases up, I'll have to leave my car at the top and walk down.

Did a bit more work, tentatively on History Painting yesterday, and am now suffering nagging doubt.  Looking at the photo I took, it is improved, but it needs sorting out in some messy areas.  Oh!  The stress of it!

Detail, History Painting, with new painting additions

And I have yet to finish a large canvas as well as stretch up the finished one (and History Painting of course)  I am about to order the stretcher. . . .

I haven't wasted my time stuck at home this morning though.  I have finished the workshop plan, and listed works and their prices for insurance purposes.  That's another agonising thing: pricing work.  I think I've got it about right.  

OK: no more stressing, order that stretcher and book the van!

Some time later. . . 

  • Stretcher ordered in the nick of time for making and delivering it!
  • Awaiting prices from two vans and men.
  • Most of the materials for the workshop ordered, just a few things left that I can buy locally.

Final jobs to complete (apart from the paintings):
  • This afternoon: wrap the black and white works that are going in the browser 
  • Make the labels
  • Write and print insert for my "catalogue" - received the proof of this yesterday and it's surprisingly OK!
  • Tonight: order postcards for inserting into "catalogue"
  • Write and print off price list, making the prices tally with the labels!
  • Sort out sketchbooks and sketches to go in the glass cabinet

After all this, all that needs to be done is the painting: piece of cake!

Winter, study, mixed media

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