Monday, 11 March 2013

Rummaging in my Drawers . . .

  This must be a sampler using mono printing, trying out marks and layering.  I really don't remember!

I have been rummaging in the plan chests that I retrieved from storage and found my first attempts at Solar Etching, which I did on a day's course at Badger Press in Bishop's Waltham, near where I lived in Basingstoke.

I winced at some of them; clearly over inked - an indication of my impatient nature.  I remember being told off for it!  I enjoyed the possibility of layering up photocopied drawings and "found" pieces of ephemera onto one sheet of acetate and then making the print.  The fact that it is possible to create without a light box but by using the sun is also very appealing to me. I like low tech stuff.   I intend to develop more prints using this method in the future, but when that will be remains to be seen!

This was a drawing of a box gas mask I did in the Imperial War Museum, one of my favourite places.  The other piece involved is a paper bag.  Both photocopied onto acetate and then layered up and photocopied again to produce the final acetate from which the plate was then made.  Simples!

I also found a crayon, clearly vintage, one of many I had some years ago that may have been from a clear out in the art department I taught in, I'm not sure.  I think it's the last one and I don't think I can bear to use it as I love the label!

Free Expression - love it!

I'll put some other prints onto my facebook page if you want to have a look.  

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