Wednesday, 24 April 2013

RAW Directory Launch and Other Plans

I have a car full of boxes containing the newly printed Ryedale ArtWorks Directories plus 23 boxes stacked up in what will be our new sitting room once we finish the building work. I aim to deliver the ones in my car to Sawmill Studios this evening, so that they are in place for the launch meeting on 25th, 7 pm.  I think it is the best Directory we have produced so far; there are some new members both in the gallery and the artist/makers section and the standard is very good.  I hope the members like it as much as we do.

As membership secretary of Ryedale ArtWorks I have been working with the other committee members, Andy Dalton,  Liz Bailey and Jenny Pepper  and we are delighted to be able to announce some exciting developments for this year that will benefit all members.  Lots of stuff has been going on behind the scenes as it were and we are very excited!

Unfortunately I will not be at this meeting because I am going to see singer songwriter Tom McRae in York - really excited about this because I have followed him for years but not seen him live for a while.  I love his work, very dark and beautiful.

It is the last few days of my exhibition, which comes down on Monday 29th.  Tricia, who bought Winter, is arriving on Sunday to collect it and so I will go over to the museum to remove it from the wall and wrap it ready for her. It will be nice to see her again.  I have also sold one of the pieces in the browser, which a lot of people think are prints, but they are all original paintings/drawings, so a snip at £85 for the largest ones and £45 for the small. I will reflect on the experience of creating this solo exhibition in a later post, once I have allowed the dust to settle.

A few of the pieces in the browser, the top piece is actually the only print and consists of 3 mono prints on Chinese paper mounted on paper, the rest are all original paintings/drawings.

The work has been well received from both artists, whose opinion I value and the general public.  I have spent the last couple of days making space in the outbuilding at home, which is where all my work is stored on racking.  I think there is just about enough room for History Painting, which is eleven and a half feet wide, it will be partly on the racking and partly on blocks of wood as it is too long!

During the next few weeks, I need to get my storage units out to my studio and reorganise the space properly.  These storage units, plus plan chest have been in storage since I moved up here and they will enable me to use the space much more efficiently and will provide me with more work top, which will be great.

After that: I am planning to spend the rest of the year making two more large canvases that will complete the quartet; two are already in the show at the moment:

New Beginnings (Spring) acrylic on canvas, 5' 7 1/2" x 7' 5"

How Many Endings (Winter) acrylic on canvas, 5' 7 1/2" x 7' 5"

Then I will develop a series of prints; at the moment I am not sure which methods of printmaking I will use, I will spend some time thinking about this and experimenting.  It may also entail visiting some printmaking workshops in order to fulfill my intentions, I have experience of all the different types of printmaking but am very rusty.  I have in my possession a vintage folding screen printing table, so it would be fun to get that up and running.  I will probably start with lino and collagraph as these are simple and I can use my mangle to print them with.  

Alongside the prints, I am planning to make a series of artists' books and this excites me a lot.  I have been interested in these for many years and I even planned a module of work for the AS/A2 students when I was teaching that developed an artist book alongside their contextual study.  It was really successful; interestingly I was looking at the facebook page of Cleveland university yesterday and they run a similar module for contextual study too.   Most of the books I have made in the past I gave away as presents but I do have photos of most of them in an album on my facebook page:

Some shots of the exhibition, before it ends this Sunday:

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