Monday, 12 November 2012

Back in the Studio

It is weeks since I have been able to get in to the studio because of the building work at home.  However I made it today.  It took me half the day to find a way back into the work.  I usually have a sketch book at home so that I can put some thoughts down in the evening, but the last months have been pretty hectic and stressful so not good for developing ideas, hence the struggle today.

I did manage to make two small drawings, exploring the theme in a slightly different way, using text  with the tally marks instead of the loops and asemic textual references.  These are small works, and I will continue to make small pieces while I struggle to re-engage with the theme.  There are a couple of unfinished smaller canvases that I'll be able to work on too, which should help me to re-focus.  All of the smaller pieces I make will be mounted up for the show in April; hopefully people will be able to afford to buy these even if they can't afford the larger works!

I used views from the studio window to reference the landscape on top of the textual and tally marks that create a grid beneath.

It is the run up to Christmas now, despite my protest that it shouldn't start until the end of November, so I am hoping to manage 3 days a week in the studio, which will allow me the rest of the week to get the house back into a reasonable state to live in and host the family for the festivities.  I'm really looking forward to having them all up here.

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