Friday, 2 November 2012

Keeping at it.

I have been working really hard on my Grants for the Arts application, re-writing and honing it with the support of Yvette Turnbull, Creative Economies Officer at Ryedale District Council.  I have a few more days unitl I press "send" and then the waiting and hoping begins. 

During the waiting period, I shall be starting work on the publication I am producing, in support of my solo exhibition in April.  Obviously, I can't do a great deal until I know I have been awarded the grant, but I can work with the photographer to get some great images ready and talk to my author about the essay in preparation, so that we can go ahead with the designer as soon as we hear.  All very hard work, all very exciting.

Found dust "paintings" about the place

Meanwhile, it is freezing at home and filthy with dust from the building work, but we are getting to a finished stage on the new landing area.  All we need are some floor boards and to get the guys in to sand existing boards in our bedroom, doors put back on, some paint on the new plaster and we can move our bed back to a newly insulated, toasty room!  After that we will call a halt while we save up to finish the new bathrooms, new sitting room and porch.  Want to buy any paintings anyone?

Found wall "painting" on upstairs landing

The images in this post are photographs I have taken around the house during the building work, images created by the dust falling on objects that I have then removed, and the wall "painting" is the shape of a mirror removed, and damp running down the wall; the colour revealed is when the lining paper was scraped back.  It is so similar to the process of painting itself!

All in all, a pretty hectic year:
  • visit to Hong Kong and China
  • continuing the house renovations (it seems endless)
  • continuing with making lots of new work
  • selection to some open submission exhibitions, including The Great North Art Show and East Coast Open
  • move to new studio
  • continuing voluntary work for Ryedale Artworks
  • securing solo exhibition at The Gallery, Ryedale Folk Museum
Oh, and Christmas is coming!

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