Thursday, 29 November 2012

November is Nearly Over!

I have not made it to the studio this week for one reason or another, having been busy trying to bring order to the dusty chaos at home, and struggling a bit with a wierd virus that alternately made me feel tired, shivery and dizzy.  I've not even felt like doing any drawing with everything going on.  It is almost the end of November and Christmas is looming and I am trying valiantly to quell the panic!  No shopping done and nothing yet prepared in the kitchen, which is very unlike me, but the circumstances this year are extreme, to say the least.  If I were a male artist, I wonder would I be feeling this strain, or would I simply be getting on with my work while my wife organised Christmas?  Heh heh.

I am going to set up a trestle table studio space at the end of my home studio so that I can snatch the odd couple of hours here and there in the run up to Christmas.  The rest of the studio is going to be a dining room while we save up next year so that we can finish off the house.  There is always a way and I seem the thrive in the face of adversity!

Once Christmas is over I will crack on and brave the cold out at my Stonegrave studio to continue with making the large paintings I have planned in my head.  At home on my trestle, I shall make some colour studies and sketches of ideas for these. 

Sad news this week that Duckett and Jeffreys gallery will not after all, be relocating to another space in Malton.  Good luck to Stef and Ian Mitchell with their plans for a print studio in their Staithes cottage, their touring caravan gallery and with their plans to exhibit and sell from home in Sledmere and on line.  I shall really miss the high quality exhibitions on my doorstep.

I am planning to visit Abbot Hall gallery before 22nd December, to catch the Hughie O'Donoghue exhibition.  I've been an admirer of his work since I was a student in the '80s and will be interested to see what he has been doing recently, as well as looking at some of his earlier work again.

Just thinking about seeing his work makes me feel excited!

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