Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Today's Work

It was a real struggle today.  My feet however, were a lot warmer than yesterday, and my £30 Morrison's microwave was brilliant for heating hot milk for my coffee, so I don't know why I struggled so much.  I shall blame it on the low light levels, better get used to that then!


The above photos show the stages of one drawing so far.  I am pondering on the idea of introducing some figuration in the form of reference to landscape, with some colour from the hedgerows that I photographed the other day, but we shall see.

I was browsing the internet when I got home and discovered a fabulous artist called Mary Ellen Doyle, a painter in the USA, who makes the most beautiful watercolours with the addition of litho pencil and gouache.  They are mostly landscape, with some urban scenes, richly coloured with an interesting surface caused by the sticking together of the paper in sections to create the whole work as well as the painterly use of her medium.  The work makes reference to Diebenkorn's painting, but is strongly Mary Ellen's own.  I really recommend them to anyone interested in painting.  The link to her web site is below:
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