Sunday, 25 November 2012

Quietly Making Headway

I am gradually bringing order to the house; and work in the studio is beginning to progress, I managed 3 days there this week.

At home, I've seen some spectacular sunsets from our new landing space, which is glass fronted, and this makes all the mess and upheaval worthwhile.  We seem to make it to Thursday each week, when our flagging energy requires a visit to our lovely local, the Ashfield Country Manor Hotel!  Thursday is pie night, my favourite and the Angler's Reward beer is delish.

On Thursday night, in the pub, I was asked if I would design and make fifty wedding invitations!  Something I've done before and the bride to be wants completely home made, she didn't like any she found on line.  I've asked her to produce a small mood board and to give me her budget.  This will be my second paid job of the year!  Since being ill just after moving up here seven years ago, I am finally beginning to be part of the world of work again!

Just received notification from Blogger that I have used up all my free space for photographs!  There will now be a photo free moment, while I sort this out.  I am outraged that I will have to pay for the priviledge - but acknowledge my naivete.  I wish I knew more about all this stuff!

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