Tuesday, 29 January 2013

First Day Back in My Stonegrave Studio

So, yesterday was my first day out in the studio proper, the snow had finally gone away.  By the time I'd got myself organised, gathered all my works on paper, sketchbooks, materials that I'd been using at home, found food and drink to take etc., plus some Ryedale ArtWorks business to attend to at the bank, it was gone midday before I actually got there.  Still, a small start is better than none . . .

I popped in to pay my rent before starting some work and had a lovely surprise - Sally Taylor was in the house, talking to Sally the landlady!  Sally T will be back on site and making work in her studio above me from next week; her busy teaching schedule has finally eased up.  All will be right with the world when I can hear her working  overhead with Lady GaGa playing.  We love to hear/guess what each other is listening to while we work.

And what did I actually achieve?  I completed (I think) 4 small studies on paper of the seasons that I am making in prep for large paintings, I started 4 more small studies of the same, oh, and I poured paint all over my foot and floor.  Sigh.  The studio is a little bit unruly, with boxes of stuff on the floor at the moment, which were under the trestle that is currently at home, so when I get out there today, the first thing I must do is organise them in a more tidy and safe way.  

What will I do today?  Finish the studies I started yesterday, ponder on them and then make some notes in my sketchbook in prep for starting the large paintings.  Before I start these large pieces, I will need to take the existing ones off the walls and store them somehow.  I don't have the stretchers for them as yet; it might be better to wait until I do before removing them from the walls.  Meanwhile, I have a couple of smaller pieces that need resolving and some small pieces of canvas waiting to be worked on, so I shall not waste time. 

 I already have 3 large stretchers with my stuff in storage, so it is time to ring the storage company and get it all brought home - it will be better than Christmas - I'll be reunited with all my books, catalogues, tools and my plan chests that contain some of my older work.  I get excited just thinking about it!

Last night's Ryedale ArtWorks meeting was very productive, we analysed the membership survey results and prepared for a meeting to do with Cultural Commissioning in a few days.  Sad to say goodbye to our Chair, Janet Hayton; many thanks to her for all she has done for us, which is a lot!

By the time I got home it was gone eleven and so I still have not had time to do more than skim the pages of Turps Banana Journal, which brings me much joy, pleasure and stimulation!  I anticipate an absorbed couple of hours tonight. 

Off to work . . . . 

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