Friday, 11 January 2013

First Full Working Week: Friday

Pottered about a bit this morning, doing some chores and thinking about how the studies I am making might progress while I did so.  I took delivery of my cellophane; I'll be able to mount and wrap drawings as I go, to keep them clean for the show in April.

Finally got myself organised for a session of making some more small gouache studies and while I sat at my trestle, I soaked my feet in warm oily water and gave myself a cursory pedicure!  Got to be done sometime, and seemed as good a time as any to me!  Oh, and at around 3.25 pm. I noticed that the sky was lovely again:

Managed a few small ideas in colour in a sketchbook and prepared some small pieces of paper with colour washes to represent the seasons, which I'll work into.  I have decided to leave the studies I made yesterday as they are and do more to work on top of because I have a tendency to work on top of good things and lose them for ever, and I'd like to refer to them.

Had a quick meeting with RAW committee members this afternoon at 4pm, Penny Bank Cafe, Kirkbymoorside, a favourite haunt; lovely coffee, hot chocolate, cake, food and people!

When I go home, (through my new front door that gives me pleasure every time I use it,) I was greeted by my lovely husband, returned from an overnight business trip and we decided to go to our local for steak night.  We love our local; Chris and Linda are such welcoming people and the locals are really friendly.  The Ashfield Country Manor Hotel is a family run business, Chris and Linda's son in law does the cooking, which is fab and the beer is good.  My current favourite is Angler's Reward, by Yorkshire Wolds brewery. 

While I was waiting to go out, had a quick look in the local paper and, for the first time since I moved up here, there was a job advertised that I could actually do!  Printmaking technician supporting students at York College.  However it was for more hours than I could do at this time, whilst preparing for my show, so I rang my mate Andy, who hadn't seen it and passed on the info. to him. 

Busy day really, but not enough actual work completed although the studies I've started in my sketch book would develop into some interesting prints I think.

TGIF - wishing everyone a good weekend - we are braced for heavy snow up here.

Studies for Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn.  Oil Pastel, Acrylic and graphite.

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  1. Sue, when you're working on a painting do you ever start a sheet and work on it until finished in one sitting? Do you always work in stages - don't you find this disconnects you?

  2. No, I don't tend to plan out a painting and then finish it in one go. I have always worked on series of pieces at any one time. This is because my work is built in lots of layers and I can't waste the time waiting for a single layer of one piece to dry before I can add the next one, so I move on to the next piece. I love having lots of things around me all needing attention!
    Also, I find that having drawings and paintings on the go, the drawings inform the paintings, and then the paintings inform the drawings and so around it goes, each new series starting a development from the one before.

    That's not to say that it won't change in the future though. This method started when I was making the work for my degree show and I only had a short period of time to make the work once my dissertation was out the way!