Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Ideas, Too Many Ideas!

Second post of the day; you can tell I'm getting excited!

There were a few interruptions this morning, as I was preparing for my day in the studio, which resulted in a late start yet again.  I arrived at about one o'clock in the end.  Still, I had a plan of action, so I didn't waste the time:

  • Turn on the calor gas stove
  • Tidy up mess from before Christmas and organise the space
  • Evaluate works on paper made so far
  • Finish / continue with small studies





So far so good.  I have made final adjustments to the small studies that were on the wall, and I am now happy with them. (See above)   I put text onto the new studies I started yesterday and left them to dry, which is when I started to play with some small off cuts of paper and had an interesting idea for an artists' book or two!

The beginnings of 4 more studies for developing into the large paintings: Winter, Spring, Summer Autumn

I'll incorporate some text with the surface/imagery of the books when I make them.

I have been reflecting on what it is that is important to me when I make my work:
  • colour
  • gesture
  • mark making
  • landscape (I still refer to it in my work as a metaphor for the human condition)
  • Time and memory in the current body of work that I am developing.
Which is enough to be going on with!

In compiling the list I have confirmed that I am not interested in:

  • perspectival space, I prefer a more aerial, all over approach
  • figuration, I wish to allude to things rather than illustrate them
  • making work that matches people's curtains!

I am beginning to have all sorts of ideas that are developments from my original starting point and, although that is great, I need to keep focused on finishing planned work for the show. I plan to have some sketchbooks on display in a cabinet during the show, so I can include some of the new ideas in this format.  I'll spend the rest of the year working on them.

It's great to have a clearer idea of where I am heading, and know that I have the time to spend working on them.  I am hoping that some paid work will turn up too, later in the year and then I shall be really content!

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