Thursday, 10 January 2013

First Full Working Week: Thursday

First layer of gouache studies for large paintings, Marking time: Winter, Autumn, Summer, Spring

I'm finding it difficult to concentrate today, my head has been pounding and have felt generally below par.  I hope I am not coming down with the cold of doom that all my neighbours have been suffering from.

Forced myself up onto the new landing/studio space that I have commandeered at home so I can work in the warm and started 4 small colour studies in prep for large paintings to be begun later this month.  I am not a great one for too much planning or mapping out of works; I tend to have some colours, gestures and general compositional ideas in mind and then let the works develop on the canvas, building up the layers, obliterating bits and allowing other bits to remain, as I go so we shall see how this works out!

The sky was nice today and I spent some time just gazing at it instead of getting on with what I should be doing, oh, and I stuck upon the wall the drawings I have been working on so I could see them properly too.  

The winter landscape has been a major influence on the current drawings, both in terms of texture, colour and the mood of decay/end of things:

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