Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Sharing, Designing, Thinking

It's Wednesday now, and I don't seem to have achieved a great deal so far this week although I have:
  • Set up meeting with designer to talk about my design for a cheap alternative to a catalogue for my show
  • Made a mock up for said alternative printed matter
  • Sketched out designs for client wedding invitation and made mock ups of various fold options
  • Worked on design brief for my web site
That looks better than it really is! 

We did however have a great weekend with Stef and Ian, lovely walk in the snowy wonderland, much laughter, good food and sharing of musical taste with a game that we invented called "choose a track" where we all went round in turn picking a piece of music via various on line music sites, with which to entertain the group.  Great fun!  Why was it that some of my choices didn't seem to be available?  I'm not that off the wall, really. . .    Return match much anticipated and I'll have CD's at the ready!

The winter landscape we walked through was stunning; I love the graphic quality of the stark hedgerows, grasses etc against the pristine snow.  

Last night's programme on BBC 4, Tales of Winter: The Art of Snow and Ice promised to be interesting.  What I saw of it was ok, if a little obvious, I recorded it as I was busy with other things at the time.  Always nice to see painting on the TV though and I shall watch the entire thing later tonight and see if I change my mind!  What was that man doing in and out of the sewers, and what was the relevance of it?  I look forward to finding out . . .

As for now, I'd better get on and make some work . . . 

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