Wednesday, 9 January 2013

First Full Working Week: Wednesday

I think this is less successful: over worked.  I might need to obliterate it and work over it again! Aah, the process, it's all in the process.


Slow start this morning; checked emails, twitter, fb, twiddled thumbs.  Then I drove out to the studio, not to go in, but to pay the rent and have a bit of a gossip with Sal, my lovely landlady.

When I got back home, in the glorious sunshine (should have gone for a walk), I sorted out the drawings that needed working on and forced myself to continue.  I think I may be labouring and tightening up a bit with this small scale; my neck certainly is.  The height of the trestle table I've set up and the stool is causing severe head ache originating in my neck so I need to sort that out before I cripple myself.

Anyway, I think I've finished at least one more drawing.  Tomorrow I plan to work with colour, in a sketchbook and play about a bit with marks, gesture and the colour to try and plan out some ideas for the big paintings that I need to start out at the studio in the next week or so.

Ordered a big, cheap roll of cellophane for wrapping the drawings with when they go in the browser during my show in April.

Filled out the spread sheet that my son sent me, for planning the work for my web site, and finished my wish list for it, which I have now emailed over to him, ready for discussion this weekend.

The end.  Sigh.

I'm happy with this one, so will leave it be.

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  1. All go at SG Headquarters! Ooh, just out of interest, where did you get your big roll of cellophane from - good supplier?

    1. Hi Jennifer, I found the supplier on ebay: gemsuppliesuk. £10.99 for a roll 20m x 80cm plus 10m free and free postage. I think that's a pretty good deal! It should be arriving shortly and I'll be mounting up and wrapping drawings as soon as it does to keep everything clean and safe ready for the show. Hope all is well with you and your work.

    2. Thanks Sue - I have use for it occasionally when mounting up (and protecting) prints.